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Opera Magnifico is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization which presents elegant operatic productions that adhere to the traditional style of Bel Canto singing. At the same time, we provide young professional musicians paid opportunities to enhance their professional experience. Our organization thrives on donations and ticket sales. Please consider donating today! 100% of donations and ticket sales go to our budgets for opera productions. Help us bring high-quality opera into the local NJ area! Donations are currently being collected for our

2023-2024 Season.

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Donation Tiers

Join our 2023-2024 donors and support local arts!

Supernumerary ($1 - 499):


Tom Rosenthal

Dennis Ferrere

Carole and Robert Dixon


Christina Chapman

Dan Goldman

William and Ginger Tendl

Clarinet ($500 - 999):

Amy Simonson

Valerie Kent

Soprano ($1,000 - 4,999):

Ralph and Lynn Jones

Charles and Amy Levin

Grand Piano ($5,000 - 9,999)

Chorus Master ($10,000 - 19,999)

Grand Opera ($20,000+)

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